Cemetery Clerk

Mrs Frances Barr, MBE

Telephone: TBC

Email: TBC


The cemetery at St Peters Church has been closed for many years.   The parish council administers a new cemetery to the rear of the church, on the opposite bank of the River Pill.   This cemetery is designated as a lawn cemetery, with regulations governing the size of monuments and limiting the right to plant.   The cemetery has been open for just a few months following the need to provide further space – no further plots in the older council-run cemetery now being available.

Due to the excessive rain during the Winter of 2012/ 2013 a small area of the new lawn cemetery flooded.  It is the Parish Council’s intention to try and raise the level of this area.  All relatives have been contact but not all have responded as yet (Oct 2013).  It is hoped the work will commence during 2014 along with the addition of some paths.

The parish council also owns the cemetery at Northwick, on the site surrounding the tower of St Thomas’.   Whilst the church was demolished in 1972, the tower was repaired in early 1973, since when it has been maintained as a public monument.   This churchyard is also still open.