Council Documents

P2 & P3

1. Its standing orders and
financial regulations
2 Its Code of Conduct and a link
to councillors’ registers of
3 Its publication scheme
4 Its last annual return
5 Transparent information
about council payments
6 A calendar of all meetings
including the annual meeting
of electors
7 Minutes for at least one year
of full council meetings and (if
relevant) all committee and
sub-committee meetings
8 Current agendas
9 The budget and precept
information for the current or
next financial year
10 Its complaints procedure
11 Council contact details and
councillor information in line
with the Transparency Code
12 Its action plan for the current
13 Evidence of consulting the
14 Publicity advertising council
15 Evidence of participating in
town and country planning
16 A risk management scheme
17 A register of assets
18 Contracts for all members of
19 up-to- date insurance policies
that mitigate risks to public
20 Disciplinary and grievance
21 A policy for training new staff
and councillors
22 A record of all training
undertaken by staff and
councillors in the last year
23 A clerk who has achieved 12
CPD points in the last year


1. Draft minutes of all council and
committee meetings within four
weeks of the last meeting
2 A Health and Safety policy
3 Its policy on equality
4 Councillor profiles
5 A community engagement policy involving two-way communication between council and community
6 A grant awarding policy
7 Evidence showing how electors contribute to the Annual Parishor Town Meeting
8 An action plan and related budget responding to community engagement and setting out a timetable for action and review
9 Evidence of community engagement, council activities and the promotion of democratic processes in an annual report, online material
and regular news bulletins
10 Evidence of helping the
community plan for its future


1 a scheme of delegation (where
2 addressed complaints received
in the last year
3 at least two-thirds of its
councillors who stood for
4 a printed annual report that is
distributed at locations across
the community
5 a qualified clerk
6 a clerk (and deputy) employed
according to nationally or
locally agreed terms and
7 a formal appraisal process for
all staff
8 a training policy and record for
all staff and councillors


1. A business plan covering a
financial forecast for at least
three years linked to revenue
and capital plans for the council
and its community
2 An annual report, online
material and at least four news
bulletins a year with evidence
a engaging with diverse
groups in the
community using a
variety of methods
b community
engagement leading to
positive outcomes for
the community
c At least four positive
outcomes achieved for
the community in the
last six months and a
broad range of council
activities including
innovative projects
d co-operating
constructively with
other organisations


1 Ensures that the council
delivers value for money
2 Meets its duties in relation to
bio-diversity and crime &
3 Provides leadership in planning
for the future of the community
4 Manages the performance of
the council as a corporate body
5 Manages the performance of
each individual staff member to
achieve its business plan